Tournament Application

Binding application please give from one of the following ways:

  • on email of the Director of the tournament:
  • on the cell phone of the Director of the tournament: +420 775 246 471
  • using the online form below

Each mandatorily logged player will be listed in the list of logged on the website of the tournament
The deadline for applications is 11.8.2022.

After the list reaches 220 players, every other registered participant will only be listed as substitute due to the limited capacity of the game room. Substitutes will be included in the tournament only if any of the already registered participants withdraws.

All rooms in Hotel M are already occupied!!!

Please write your interest in The Blitz tournamen, on Tuesday 16.8.2022 from 10.00 am, in Tournament Application to Other requests.
You can find all about The Blitz tournament here.

On-line application form
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